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Welcome Old Orchard Consulting, Inc.

Energy Matters, Inc has added real estate development services and is doing business as Old Orchard Consulting, Inc.  To learn more about the services offered, please visit

Bill Audit & Tenant Invoicing

We are working for a large commercial property management firm and we are auditing utility bills for some of the properties under management.  We have booked utility savings for both the management company and its tenants.  This is an on-going effort and we provide regular invoices for the tenant portion of the operating costs.

Utility Rebate Application

We recently completed an application for a utility rebate program for a variable refrigerant flow system in a commercial building that is under construction.

Staff Energy Management Program

From 2007-2009, we established and staffed an in-house energy management program to reduce utility operating costs for a regional chain.

We managed utilities for facilities in 19 states which encompassed 60 cities and over a hundred utility vendors:

AL | AZ | CO | GA | IL | IN | IA | KS | KY | LA | MI | MO | MS | NM | NC |OH | SC | TN | TX

We understand the utility rate structures, incentives and regulations that effect utility operating costs.

Pilot Energy Tracking

In 2007 and 2008, we implemented a pilot energy tracking process for a retail chain for one of its operating regions.  This region consisted of about 50 cities and 70 utility vendors.

Past Projects

Negotiate Natural Gas and Electric Suppliers

We assist clients in purchase of natural gas or electricity in AL, IL, GA, KS, MI and TX.

Business Development for Green Power Producer

Research and report for green power producer.

Utility Bill Analysis in K-8 School

Evaluated utility bills for a school that resulted in refunds of 15% of annual utility costs and 5% annual savings going forward without incurring any capital costs.