Energy Management Programs

Plan, Staff and Implement

Energy Matters, Inc. plans, staffs and implements energy management programs for commercial chains and large energy users for which utility operating costs represent a significant expense.  We approach energy management in a comprehensive way in collaboration with our client’s staff.

For every million dollars that an organization spends on utilities (electricity, natural gas, steam, water, sewer and trash/recycling), we recommend spending $10,000 or 1% per year on energy and utilities management.  A good place to start is contacting us since we can staff your position on a part-time basis.


Organizations can benefit from systematic analysis and then can take action that will minimize their utility operating costs and will be forward looking at electric, gas, water and sewer costs, carbon/emission trading, tax deductions, drought and weather trends, marketing and other issues that organizations face today.

  • utility bill audits
  • energy procurement
  • utility bill tracking