Our Process

Achieve Savings Involving No Capital Outlay

We develop a system for identifying and resolving overcharges, refund opportunities and tax issues.  We also investigate procurement options from different retail energy suppliers or alternate utility tariffs as well as look for operational changes such as revised temperature settings.

Establish Benchmarks and Budgets

We compare building performance by benchmarking utility data for each property.  We use utility data as a foundation to identify best practices as well as priorities for action.  We can assist with budgeting based on past usage and projections for utility cost per unit for the next year.

Collaborate with Other Departments

We recognize that your existing staff has a wealth of information that a consultant can’t bring to the table.  We facilitate the discussion among departments to minimize utility operating costs while maintaining high quality operations.

Plan and Implement Property Specific Actions

We assist with developing property-specific capital projects with a good business case in existing buildings and in new construction.

Verify, Document and Report

We monitor usage and cost to document and verify savings and to report the results to your staff.  For instance, reporting budget variances on a monthly basis can lead to finding and resolving operational issues quickly.